Meet Bev

A graduate of Texas A&M University and a product of many moves thanks to her hubby’s military and aerospace jobs, Beverly earned her keep writing technically for various companies. At the same time, she homeschooled their two kids off and on, and when they launched successfully, woot! Bev homeschooled her own self through the Christian Writer’s Guild “What’s Your Story?” program. From there, she began writing fiction and only once in a while misses the days of writing computer manuals. Not!

Beverly also collaborated with Mary McDonough on Lessons from the Mountain, What I Learned from Erin Walton, (Kensington, April 2011). The book describes Mary’s memories playing Erin on the award-winning television drama, “The Waltons.” A shout out to Mary for all her helpful insight into the life of a working actor and celebrity.

Beverly writes from a Newmar Ventana that she lives in full time with Gary.


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