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New romance – “Blast From her Past”

Here’s a fun new release all you romance readers will enjoy:

“Fast-paced real world story line gallops between events, conversations and memories. Thoughtful narrative and believable dialogue give the story a sincere, unvarnished but interesting perspective from both sides of a budding romance. Funny in parts too :).”       Amazon reviewer

After a disastrously failed engagement, Sydney Hampson is leaving her past—and her faith—behind to focus on her career instead. However, following through with her new, albeit misguided, resolution proves easier said than done when a former classmate, and reformed bully, Grant Williams signs on with her company, and they must work closely together.

Grant Williams gave up his teenage antics years ago, and now he’s looking forward to a future that includes a strong relationship with God. When he realizes he’ll be working with none other than Sydney Hampson—the girl he had a secret crush on throughout high school—he couldn’t be more thrilled. Until he discovers she’s not the same caring, compassionate woman she used to be.

When a business trip gone awry leaves the pair stranded in the middle of a snowstorm, Grant sees his chance to make things right and put their past wrongs behind them…if only Sydney can get over her distrust of men. And with a conniving coworker intent on destroying Sydney’s happiness, no matter the cost, can she put her faith back in God and learn to trust in Grant before she loses her chance at happiness?

SAMPLE from Chapter One

Sydney glanced at the desktop where her cell phone vibrated. Her sister’s name showed on the screen. She was on a tight deadline for her boss, Linda, but frankly, she was thankful for the interruption to her mundane workday. She reached for the phone. “Hey, Kate.”

“Hi, Syd, how are you? Is this an okay time?”

“Well, I’m working, but I can spare a few minutes.”

“Great. I’m actually heading your direction as we speak.” Sydney thought fast. Why was her sister coming all the way from Aberdeen, South Dakota to her North Dakota town near Bismarck? “Oh, that’s right. You have the Snowball Reunion tonight, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am. And I’m looking for a favor.” She could almost hear the smile in her sister’s voice. “From me?” she asked suspiciously. “Yeah, sorry. Emma’s got a fever, so Chad needed to stay home with her. Which means I’m flying solo here. But I promised the committee there would be two of us to help with the concessions from seven to eight tonight.”

Sydney could tell where this was going, and she wasn’t thrilled about the prospect. Did her sister forget how much she disliked high school? Not to mention the actual Snowball Event. That was another story altogether. “Kate, I really don’t think—”

“Please, Sydney? I wouldn’t ask you if I wasn’t in a bind here, but I could really use your help. Besides, it starts at seven—that has to mean something, right?”

Sydney chuckled silently. It figured her sister would use her affinity for the number seven as a bargaining chip. Sydney was born on the seventh, had become a Christian at the age of seven, and had even started her current job on the seventh. The way the number kept weaving its way into significant events in her life, she had jokingly declared it her favorite number years ago.

“Look, I know you weren’t a fan of the Snowball, or high school in general, for that matter,” Kate continued. “But maybe try to forget about the actual event and instead see it as spending time with me while raising money for a good cause.”

Sydney almost laughed out loud. She had supported a lot of causes in her day, but funding a high school social event hardly qualified as a “good cause” in her book. Still, she did tend to be a bit antisocial, and Kate was one of the few people she enjoyed hanging out with, so attending this affair wouldn’t be the worst way to spend her evening. “What do you say, will you help your little sister out?” Kate begged.

As much as her gut told her to turn down the request, Sydney couldn’t say no to her flesh and blood. She did have mixed feelings about the Snowball event, but even so, it might be nice to get her mind off work for a change. And it wasn’t often she got to see her sister. Not only did Kate live almost three hours away, she also had two little kids that kept her busy. In fact, it had been a couple months since Sydney had seen her sister in person. She would try to view this as an opportunity to have fun and catch up rather than anything involving unpleasant high school memories. Besides, Kate had always been there for her when life got tough, so helping out at a fundraiser was the least she could do. “Oh, all right. But you have to help me figure out what to wear. What time will you be here?”

“Oh, thank you, thank you! I’m two hours out. We have to be at the school by six-thirty, so we should have enough time to get dressed and ready after I get to your place.”

Sydney glanced at her watch. It was almost three o’clock. “Sounds good. I have to get back to work, but I’ll see you soon.” She hung up and returned her attention to the brochure she was designing for her company. Thankfully, they’d allowed her to start working from home last year, which meant she wouldn’t have a commute ahead of her after completing her task. Like most people, Sydney had a few complaints about her job, but being able to work from home far outweighed the negative aspects.

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Author Bio:
Katy Eeten is a wife and mom to two boys, ages 7 and 9. She and her family live in southeast Wisconsin despite her dislike of cold weather. Katy works full-time in the business world, but her true passion is writing. She is a new author whose debut novel, Christian romance “Blast from Her Past,” released earlier this year. When she’s not working or writing, she can be found taking walks, baking goodies, dining out, or simply spending time with her family.
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Only available on Amazon (Kindle / Kindle Unlimited). Soon to be available in paperback format. 
Sounds like a fun, fresh new read! Let me know if you read it, and if you like it, please leave Katy a kind review on Amazon. Reviews are GOLD to authors.
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