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Review Rating:
5 stars!
Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

In  Nault’s The Kaleidoscope, Harold is not your average computer forensics expert. A troubled past has made him shy, but that does not mean he is not looking for adventure. When he’s given the opportunity to get hold of some very amazing technology, he jumps at the opportunity; however, he has no idea that this opportunity is going to change his life.

The Kaleidoscope can change the future of the viewer and if it falls into the hands of the wrong person, things can go really bad in a very short time. The despicable plans of the evil one must be stopped, but for that, Harold accepts the help of some surprise friends. These quirky people include a breast cancer survivor, a mail room guy, and a gay couple. Although all of them have their own secrets and problems, it is Harold who must dispel his past and move forward to save the day.

In The Kaleidoscope by B.K. Nault, I found the perfect combination of mystery, science fiction, romance and, of course, action. There are not many novels that have the ability to nail all these genres and for some reason B.K. Nault perfectly perfected it. Every character is a survivor in a sense, and I really enjoyed that. Pepper and Harold have a sweet romance. They are partners and their love story does not overpower the mystery. Also, I really appreciated the fact that all the main characters of the novel were given equal page space. The plus point for the reader: Harold comes from a really traumatic past, but that does not make him a tormented soul and this is very refreshing.


Review Rating:
5 stars!
Reviewed By Mary DeKok Blowers for Readers’ Favorite

The Kaleidoscope … was a breathtaking read. I couldn’t put it down despite great weather this Memorial Day weekend. Several storylines weave through each other seamlessly as Harold and Pepper, Morrie and Walter, and a priest, dance around each other’s agendas with plenty of suspense thrown in. What is the kaleidoscope and why are people willing to kill to get it? Who is on Harold’s side and who is secretly working against him? How will it end, and will Pepper get a clean bill of health from the oncology specialist? You will love reading The Kaleidoscope, a Christian novel. Not judgmental or heavy handed on the theology, The Kaleidoscope sends a Christian invitational message to accept or not, which fits well with the story.

Nault is an experienced author of both fiction and non-fiction. I especially enjoyed reading The Kaleidoscope because it contained so many elements that I enjoy. The characters are engaging and likeable, the storyline is believable and flows well, and there is something a bit mystical in the kaleidoscope itself that will intrigue younger and older readers alike. The main character, Harold, who throughout the book referenced a leadership book he was reading in hopes of spurring his personal growth, did experience a type of healing and a personal transformation which changed his life forever and will provide hope to readers who may have experienced tragedies of the same magnitude. This would be a fun beach or vacation read this summer and it will not disappoint.


Review Rating:
5 stars!
Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

The Kaleidoscope is a work of suspense and intrigue. Mixing genres between speculative and science fiction, the plot centers on the kaleidoscope of the book’s title, a powerful device which is able to produce life-altering visions of the future when any human being looks through it. Whilst the device itself seems to be an exciting new form of enlightenment, it is inevitable that there will be certain parties in the world who’d like to use it to achieve their own sinister ends. This is where our anti-hero, the hermit-like Harold Donaldson, realises that in order to save the human race, he might actually have to truly become part of it for the first time in his life.

Multi-genre fiction has always been a favourite of mine to review, and BK Nault did not disappoint me with this excellent feat of storytelling. Social ineptness, wariness about the future, and the most basic of human fears underlie every delicately crafted element of The Kaleidoscope’s plot, turning what could have been a rather interesting sci-fi story into a richly human and character-driven novel. Nault’s prose is full of vivid description and delightful wordplay, and her formation of an unlikely hero in Harold Donaldson is witty, bittersweet, and thoroughly endearing. I feel that even readers who dislike speculative fiction will be hard-pressed not to enjoy the realism and credibility of this tale. Overall, I’d highly recommend The Kaleidoscope to readers who are looking for a unique and highly accomplished new read.


InD’Tale Magazine, Sarah E Bradley, staff reviewer. 5 stars and Crowned Heart Award

A rare combination of philosophical, mystery and thriller, with “The Kaleidoscope” Nault has created some of the best character growth this reader has seen in a long time. Harold is disconnected from people, unable to understand them or be understood because of his family and his past tragedies, and yet by the end of the novel he goes from flat and boring to deep, friendly, loveable, and interesting. The mystery that unravels around the Kaleidoscope is well written and unravels in a way that leaves the reader both thinking and guessing. The bit of romance Harold finds as well, will make the reader smile and cheer at the end. “The Kaleidoscope” should be on every reader’s must-read list!


Amazon reviewer “Rose Arbor” on July 29, 2015

“This book was one of the most unusual books I have ever read. It’s a mystery, a thriller, a love story, all with a bit of sci-fi, magic, psychology, and philosophy thrown in.

Harold, the main character, is a rigid loner with many fears. He was raised by his bitter grandmother who never failed to remind him of his worthless father, a drunken madman, who had caused his mother’s death. The studies of manufacturers confirm that the drug has a significant impact in the vast majority of cases (up to 99%). Maximum efficiency is observed in 3-4 hours. During this period, the number of sexual contacts can be significantly increased compared to the standard practice of sex. Harold’s wife leaves him because he is boring and will never get anywhere in his job. Harold is determined to change. He buys some self-help books and tries to implement what he learns. But his life truly begins to change when a homeless man gives him a kaleidoscope. He starts interacting with the people around him and we are introduced to a whole cast of interesting characters, some charming, some helpful, and some dangerous. What do people see in the kaleidoscope? Why was Harold entrusted with it? Why are some people after it?

I loved going along with Harold on his journey of change and discovery. I loved meeting the people who accompanied him. I loved reading this book. You will, too.”


A.K Smith, blog review March 10, 2017

Yes, the stunning cover alludes to the magic qualities inside, but the story is beautifully written.

Simply stated, I loved this book, Nault draws you inside the world of the characters she’s created with ease and simplicity. Harold, Pepper, Rashan and Walter came to life, and I was instantly absorbed in the twist and turns of the story.

You don’t have to like kaleidoscopes to enjoy this book, but I happen to love the curious pieces of art, created by some artist, that provide you in one turn, a million different images. That’s what Nault does with her artistry. She creates a little suspense, romance, sci-fi, and imagination all swirling in this kaleidoscope of a story.

Pick this book up if you want to be entertained for five hours and leave with a new sense of wonder.


The Seasons of Cherryvale

CV slogan III

  • Finalist in the Grace Awards (2011)
  • San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild Nancy Bayless Excellence in Writing Award (2012)
  •’s 31 Great Summer Reads (2102)
  • Cover art winner Silver medal authorsDB (Spring Blossoms 2014)
  • Reader’s Favorite Honorable Mention-Fiction, Inspirational (2014)

“Thank you for your series, I laughed cried and rejoiced with the characters…would love to see another year in Cherryvale. Would love to revisit the world travelers of Cherryvale.” Judy March, 2015


I loved this book. The characters (and there are quite a few) have little quirks that you get to know as the book goes on. It is so very small-town that I am sure that the author must have lived in a rural, small town herself at some point. The gossips, the busy-bodies, those that step in and help when it’s needed, and the close-knit feeling that only comes from that type of community. I can’t wait to read the rest of the six book series!” Kari Trumbo – review in The Editor’s Note, January 18, 2015

Here's the pink cruiser Grace rides around town!

Here’s the pink cruiser Grace rides around town!

“As simple and quiet as Fresh Start Summer is, it is impossible to put it down. Beverly Nault draws the reader into the story of Cherryvale in a very subtle and emotional way. Each character is easy to relate to and the reader becomes concerned for how things turn out for them. The gentle message of Christian love and grace penetrates through every incident in one form or another. There is no blaring trumpet call, but a very recognizable difference in the thoughts and actions of a town where people really do care about each other. Inspiring, heartwarming and profound, Fresh Start Summer is a picture of how true Christians face adversity together and heal the pain that comes along with it.” Bill Howard for Reader’s Favorite April 14, 2014


Grace always has a batch of muffins ready. What’s your favorite flavor?

Reviewed By Paul Johnson for Readers’ Favorite, posted to Amazon

“I wanted a change of pace from my normal reading routine so I chose this book. I’m glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to a little town called Cherryvale. Fresh Start Summer is a simple tale for all ages to enjoy. The main character, Grace Harkins, somehow ends up as the center of all the action in Cherryvale, as well as her very outspoken friend Maggie. Along with them is an outstanding cast of characters that bring small town living to life. The dialogue was very well done. However, Maggie’s completely negative attitude can be a tad annoying at times. The setting for the story is great. Anyone that grew up in a small town can envision this locale very well. I invite everyone to visit Cherryvale. You won’t be disappointed.”


Shelby’s yummy pies are always fresh at The Lunch Bucket.Reviewed By Patricia Day for Readers’ Favorite,

Reviewed By Patricia Day for Readers’ Favorite, posted to Amazon

“Open the pages of this delightful book, Fresh Start Summer by Beverly Nault, and prepare to be entertained. Small-town Americans are proud of their roots and even more so of their hometown…When you put all these folk together and add two shady characters from the town, and a spoiled teenage film diva who has known nothing but success, you have the ingredients for an out of the ordinary story. Throw in greed, envy, kidnapping and arsonists, and the story turns from interesting to attention-grabbing. Initially, I wondered when the many characters would be brought together and what would the catalyst be? People and attitudes are changed radically as the intrigue unfolds; even people you’d never think of as friendly become changed beings when their ‘normal’ is tossed inside out. I finished the book loving the differences that had come about as the tale developed. Worth the read.”

Autumn Changes – Quote from ASC Reviews “Beverly did it again! This time she grabs you and drags you right into the Cherryvale action! I LOVED getting to know Maggie and Grace better after reading Hearts Unlocked. Beverly’s writing about Faith is real and touching. This is a GREAT portrayal of God’s unending, freely given LOVE! I cried and laughed again and again. I feel as though the ‘Valers and I are old friend.



Hearts Unlocked is timelined after Autumn Changes, but my advice/recommendation to you is to get both and read how you choose. I read Hearts Unlocked first and didn’t regret it one bit. 🙂 A wonderful, fun story with love, forgiveness, and redemption! My song choices for this book are: “How Great Thou Art” by Carrie Underwood and “Fix Me Jesus” by Queen Latifa, Exodus 14:14

HEARTS UNLOCKED Debbie Clark, Amazon review “What a delightful book to read. It got me into the holiday spirit of giving ourselves to others, reather than be selfishly wanting others to give. I wasn’t sure at first who Stephanie was going to choose. My heart was satisfied how it ended. Thanks so much Beverly Nault, you have a winner of a book. Now I have to find the rest of your books. This was great being a freebe from Amazon because it introduced me to a new author. I think that everyone will enjoy this book.”


Christmas Bells Shelley Hitz “The book starts out in the small town of Cherryvale as they are getting ready for their Christmas pageant. However, a 100-year blizzard storm changes their plans as well as many others who get stranded in their small town. The main character, Grace, is a “get-it-done” “in-charge” type of woman who learns several lessons along the way. And there are others that end up impacted and changed as a result of being stranded in Cherryvale. I loved how the book ended…literally gave me chills. A heartwarming and inspirational read. Recommended!”


Spring Blossoms Robin Bunting -“Spring Blossoms is a truly delightful book. Funny, witty, sad, uplifting and totally charming. I feel as though I have visited a wonderful small town and have met some very human, kind people. I know when I finished, I wasn’t ready to leave. I now want to read the first 5 books in this series. I was given a copy of this book by the author for a fair and unbiased review. I highly recommend this book to everyone.”

Spring Blossoms‘ beautiful cover, art by Carol Field, won a silver medal in the authorsDB cover contest. Congrats, Carol!


 Aloha Grace

(Not included in the compilation volume)

At the end of Christmas Bells, Grace and Mark plan a trip to Hawaii, and this is that story. It’s a short novella, and is a charming tale of Grace meeting a Hawaiian family who needs a bit of the Gracie touch.

When Grace accompanies Mark to his Hawaiian Island medical conference, she’s content making leis and learning hula until a native Islander obviously needs a dose of the Gracie touch. Soon she’s experiencing more than the average tourist, and learning what it’s like to be a real ohana. Written in Nault’s cozy style, this short story is perfect for a tropical weekend escape.

In ebook and audible. Listen for the cute parrot!


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