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Free Fall to Faith, a devotional

Free Fall

On May 16, 2012, an inebriated Benjamin Ramsey drove his motorcycle into the back of an 18-wheeler at an estimated 100 miles per hour. The impact left the twenty-three-year-old with broken bones, traumatic brain injury, and coma. The crash was only the latest, but by far the most extreme, incident in the life of the strong-willed young man who had grown up challenging his parents, friends, teachers, and law enforcement.

Forced to deal with the latest in Ben’s crises headlong, his mother, Dr. Karla Ramsey, a practicing pediatrician, once again drew upon the strength of her Savior, Jesus Christ, as she negotiated the familiar halls of trauma centers, surgical wards, therapy decisions, and rehabilitation challenges that became the new normal for the after-care following Ben’s crash.

Drawing from her years of experience as a physician as well as her basic training raising a headstrong child, Dr. Karla began writing down her thoughts and emotions as she devoured scripture, sank to her knees in prayer, and held her family, her practice, and Ben’s therapies together through the rockiest days of her life.

Karla and Ben

Ben and his mom share a carefree moment Dr. Karla thought might never happen during many of the tough days of his recovery.

In every entry in the 21-day devotional, Dr. Karla reflects on her journey alongside Ben  with transparent honesty as she searches for peace and answers found only in Jesus’ promises.

Written for anyone facing life-altering events, or wondering where God is in tragedy, Free Fall to Faith gives hope, scriptural encouragement, and a daily retreat into God’s tender mercies. Dr. Karla invites you to fall into God’s loving arms along with her as she still does repeatedly, drawing on Him for strength and peace knowing He is in charge, even when life seems out of control.

Available in paperback and Kindle.

Dr. Karla Ramsey is a board certified practicing pediatrician in Cypress, Texas. Her devotion to Bible study has become her lifeline, and the foundation for her personal and professional life. She has been married to Dr. Jim Ramsey, a Houston dentist, for 35 years. Besides Ben, the Ramseys have three other children, as well as an assortment of grandchildren and dogs. Find out more about Ben’s journey at

Ben and Karla dancing

With an aide’s help, Ben dances with his mom just months after the crash.



Ever Wonder How God Uses Tragedy? Here’s one answer that will bless your socks off.

Benjamin James Ramsey

Ben Ramsey before the crash.

We all wonder what God’s doing sometimes, and even while we’re walking through trials often doubt His hand and plan.

Ben on the motorcycle, just weeks before the crash.

On May 16, 2012, Ben Ramsey crashed his motorcycle into the rear end of an 18-wheeler going faster than 100 M.P.H., not wearing a helmet.

He lay in a coma for weeks while his family prayed, wondering whether he would even survive. What was God’s plan for their beloved?

Instead of me telling you how Ben’s doing now, I invite you to watch this stirring video, and I pray it blesses you and gives you hope in whatever you’re going through.

If you would like to know more about Ben’s journey, his mother, Dr. Karla Ramsey, keeps an informative and encouraging blog at Stepping Stones for TBI Recovery. More than a traumatic brain injury site, it’s a safe, encouraging place of hope where faith meets God even in the difficulties of everyday life.

Click through to watch the video, “Ben’s Hope,” and have your tissues ready.

Bev out.