The Kaleidoscope


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The Kaleidoscope

Finalist in the San Diego Book Awards, 2017

What if advances in artificial intelligence, combined with mystical elements found in the earth, could produce inexplicable images of the future?

A computer forensics expert watches his world change from black and white boring to Technicolor danger through the lens of a magical Kaleidoscope.

Harold Donaldson unwillingly becomes the custodian of a beautiful, handcrafted kaleidoscope that changes the viewer’s future and becomes the focus of evil operatives intent on capturing the kaleidoscope for nefarious purposes. Brilliant but socially inept, Harold has distanced himself from any connection to his dysfunctional childhood. Abandoned by a father accused of his mother’s death, Harold trusts no one until the ’scope forces him to accept a circle of friends he must rely on. To protect all their lives from imminent danger, Harold must discover the source of the ’scope’s mysterious powers. Just as he is on the verge of learning how it works and why his past connects to his future, he must face disturbing truths he’s run from all his life.

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Crowned Heart

Indy Magazine Crowned Heart for Excellence

Five gold stars

Link to complete review on InDy’tale Magazine review July/August 2015 Issue
“A rare combination of philosophical, mystery and thriller, with “The Kaleidoscope” author B.K. Nault has created some of the best character growth this reader has seen in a long time. Harold is disconnected from people, unable to understand them or be understood because of his family and his past tragedies, and yet by the end of the novel he goes from flat and boring to deep, friendly, loveable, and interesting. The mystery that unravels around the Kaleidoscope is well written and unravels in a way that leaves the reader both thinking and guessing. The bit of romance Harold finds as well, will make the reader smile and cheer at the end. “The Kaleidoscope” should be on every reader’s must-read list!”

Sarah E. Bradley


Books Go Social Quality Seal

Gold Seal for Quality of Writing and Editing

“This is a beautifully written and edited book. The author draws a picture of the characters with lovely prose and the first chapter draws the reader in. It was a pleasure to read.”  Elizabeth Schaffalitsky,


Posted on Book (Book Club site)

June 16-2015 “I absolutely love this book! The characters are so well developed and interesting, woven together beautifully. Unpredictable and inspiring. A wonderful journey that I didn’t want to end.” dixiedoo
5 stars!
Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

The Kaleidoscope is a work of suspense and intrigue by author BK Nault. Mixing genres between speculative and science fiction, the plot centers on the kaleidoscope of the book’s title, a powerful device which is able to produce life-altering visions of the future when any human being looks through it. Whilst the device itself seems to be an exciting new form of enlightenment, it is inevitable that there will be certain parties in the world who’d like to use it to achieve their own sinister ends. This is where our anti-hero, the hermit-like Harold Donaldson, realises that in order to save the human race, he might actually have to truly become part of it for the first time in his life.

Multi-genre fiction has always been a favourite of mine to review, and BK Nault did not disappoint me with this excellent feat of storytelling. Social ineptness, wariness about the future, and the most basic of human fears underlie every delicately crafted element of The Kaleidoscope’s plot, turning what could have been a rather interesting sci-fi story into a richly human and character-driven novel. Nault’s prose is full of vivid description and delightful wordplay, and her formation of an unlikely hero in Harold Donaldson is witty, bittersweet, and thoroughly endearing. I feel that even readers who dislike speculative fiction will be hard-pressed not to enjoy the realism and credibility of this tale. Overall, I’d highly recommend The Kaleidoscope to readers who are looking for a unique and highly accomplished new read.


5 stars!
Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

In B.K. Nault’s The Kaleidoscope, Harold is not your average computer forensics expert. A troubled past has made him shy, but that does not mean he is not looking for adventure. When he’s given the opportunity to get hold of some very amazing technology, he jumps at the opportunity; however, he has no idea that this opportunity is going to change his life.

The Kaleidoscope can change the future of the viewer and if it falls into the hands of the wrong person, things can go really bad in a very short time. The despicable plans of the evil one must be stopped, but for that, Harold accepts the help of some surprise friends. These quirky people include a breast cancer survivor, a mail room guy, and a gay couple. Although all of them have their own secrets and problems, it is Harold who must dispel his past and move forward to save the day.

In The Kaleidoscope by B.K. Nault, I found the perfect combination of mystery, science fiction, romance and, of course, action. There are not many novels that have the ability to nail all these genres and for some reason B.K. Nault perfectly perfected it. Every character is a survivor in a sense, and I really enjoyed that. Pepper and Harold have a sweet romance. They are partners and their love story does not overpower the mystery. Also, I really appreciated the fact that all the main characters of the novel were given equal page space. The plus point for the reader: Harold comes from a really traumatic past, but that does not make him a tormented soul and this is very refreshing.


I love how the novel hits different chords; being at times inspirational, metaphysical and scientifically speculative even while following a thriller-like narrative.” EA, Reader’s Favorite

“What a fun and intriguing story! It kept my attention to the very end and tackled the complexities of belief vs. unbelief hidden within a fast-paced mystery with a little romance sprinkled in. I will never look at a kaleidoscope quite the same way ever again. A must read.” D Harmer, Amazon

June 9, 2015 “The most memorable parts of the novel are the ones
which show how looking into the kaleidoscope changed
the characters’ lives. Everyone has some secret fear that
holds them back from fully enjoying all that life has to
offer. As the characters faced their own fears during the
course of their adventures, I found myself stymied that I
was feeling hope and inspiration while reading an
adventure/science fiction/thriller novel. Book Reviews and Authors

June 9, 2015 “It was a fascinating read, exciting, intense, engaging, I was completely glued to the pages. It’s a complete novel: it has elements of fantasy and sci-fi, has so much adventure, action and twists, a great mystery to solve and even a little romance.
Harold Donaldson is a grumpy man, cold, withdrawn into himself, with no passion and no desire to live. His wife can not stand him anymore, leaves him and wants to marry another. He drowns his sorrows in work and looking for a promotion to show everyone that he is not a loser, especially his wife. Finally he has a chance to redeem himself when he becomes the only guardian of the Kaleidoscope: a tool charming but lethal if it falls into the hands of some evil. Only Harold can find ways to make the most of the capabilities of this instrument.
It’s written with a simple style but very effective, with a fast and addictive pace thanks to very short sentences. The characters very different each other enrich the story: they are well-developed and well characterized.
Highly recommended! LabriAmoriMiei

The Cast

Harold. How does such a self-absorbed geek be at once so interesting while making you want to throttle him?

TK cast Harold

Pepper has challenges, but she’s tackling life, and brings color and fun to Harold’s black & white existence.

TK cast Pepper

(Click on each cast card to be taken to the cast member’s page and read more about them.)

Here’s Walter. He’s hiding something. Is he crazy?

TK cast Walter

There’s a lot more than “don’t worry, be happy, mon” to Rhashan.

TK Cast Rhashan

Keith and his partner Frank almost steal Pepper’s friendship, or is that just Harold’s imagination? If it weren’t for them, the mystery would probably not have been solved.

TK Cast Keith


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3 thoughts on “The Kaleidoscope

  1. Nancy Joslyn

    Hi Beverly, I just finished Kaliedoscope and really enjoyed it! Pepper reminds me of a woman who was a walker in the park. I met you at the “park” this past winter (me and my artist husband). Thanks for the great book. Hope to see you next winter. Nancy

    1. Bev Post author

      Nancy, Hi! What a nice surprise to find your comment here and thanks for reading Kaleidoscope! I’m so glad you liked it.

      Pepper is one of my favorite characters, too, she’s taking on life like there’s no tomorrow, right?

      Stay safe, and keep in touch for sure! So much fun to hear from you!

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