Lessons from the Mountain

Written with Mary “Erin Walton” McDonough…

In this strikingly honest book, McDonough shares the story of her overnight transformation from a normal kid in a working-class, Irish Catholic family, to a Hollywood child star. She reveals intimate memories of life in and around that idyllic Virginia farmhouse (really a Warner Brothers backlot in Burbank) – sneaking off to steal candy from Ike Godsey’s store; developing crushes on guest stars; trying to crack up cast members during takes; and, most of all, forming a tight-knit second family who played, worked, hugged, and squabbled together. But in the years that followed the show’s long run, as McDonough tried to reinvent herself, she found herself battling depression and personal insecurities amplified by her celebrity. Gradually she gained the courage to stand up not just for herself, but – in true Waltons tradition – for others, taking on a new role as an activist for women’s body image issues. Winner of the 2010 Ella Dickey Literary Award, Lessons is more than just a book about a television show and continues to receive rave reviews for McDonough’s frank honesty of what it was like to “grow up Hollywood,” and take on the world.

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From her friend, George Clooney: “Mary is a whole lot more than Erin on The Waltons. This book shows how she’s handled all the highs and lows with grace.”

From the gold medal www.readersfavorite.com review:

“Although much of this book is focused on “The Waltons” years for which she is best known, I found her later years very gripping as she searched for a diagnosis and her self identity. McDonough is a very talented woman. It is amazing how this quiet introspective woman has found her voice in the role of an advocate for women’s health, especially for those with Lupus.”

June 8, 2015, posted on Mary’s FB:

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Mary McDonough: WOW, you MADE my day! Exactly why I wrote the book! Thanks so much!”