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A couple years ago, Gary and I began tossing around the idea of getting an RV so we could go see Evan (and now his wife Kamie!) in Phoenix for longish weekends without wearing out our welcome, and to get used to that kind of travel in hopes that someday we might travel around the country visiting all the people and places where we used to live–except England which is harder to drive to. And because we’re all about discovering new places, making new friends.

So we rented a few RVs to test out their features…and eventually decided we were more the motorhome coach type…especially when he took up powered para-gliding, which made storage more of a necessity than ever so we can take his rig along, and which also literally grew the minimum requirements of our vehicle.

So without further rambling, here she is, our 2014 Newmar Ventana!

The day we arrived for our walk-thru we had so many questions, but I’ll never forget that new RV smell. Our welcome sign at Holland RV, who knows how to treat their customers!

IMG_2424 IMG_2425

When the three slides are out, it’s quite roomy!

IMG_2426We’re calling her “Flight Risk” — “Fly” for short. Vanity plates are ordered, but we had to go with “FLYRSK.” Yeah. Not because of bugs, let’s hope.


Our dinette…extends to seat six!


The photo is one of our favorites from Plantation Cottages on Kauai. Ahhh….(can’t drive there either.)

IMG_2451 IMG_2452 IMG_2453 IMG_2454 IMG_2456

IMG_2457We took Fly out for our first overnighter recently. Lots to learn still, and plenty of shopping to outfit her, but it’s going to be a fun journey!

More later, right now, gotta fly! (See what I did there?)

Bev out.




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