Exciting news about “The Kaleidoscope”

KaleidscopeAbout two years ago I began a journey with a manuscript I started calling “The Kaleidoscope.” I was visiting a friend, Karla Ramsey, in Texas, and as we drove the sprawling highways of  Houston, I shared some of my early kernels with her. We brainstormed and what-if’d until we arrived home with character ideas for a wacky, self absorbed computer genius who finds a magical ‘scope that turns his world upside down.

When I started the actual writing, I decided to post the journey here because so often readers hear of a book’s birth and ask about the process of writing and rewriting, editing and pitching. In earlier posts, I shared my first ideas and thoughts about the plot, story and development. I wrote, rewrote, took samples to my critique group, sought first readers’ feedback, thanks Jesse!… and hired the accomplished and savvy T Greenwood to assist me preparing it for submission.

I read in the genre, studied craft books and revisited technique.

TK is a departure from the cozy women’s fiction I’ve written before, I challenged myself to stretch and grow, and all these people helped. It takes a village, y’all! Of course every author hopes to see their manuscript grow up to become a book…

So it gives me great pleasure to announce that The Kaleidoscope has found a home!  I’ve just this week signed a contract with Wild Rose Press! TK will grow and bloom in their Crimson Rose, Mystery and Suspense division!

High concept with car chases, road trips to Yosemite, humor and some hankie moments, there’s something for everybody in “The Kaleidoscope.”

What’s next? MORE editing, this time with my WR/CR editor, as well as lots of pre-marketing, cover discussions, and details I don’t even know about yet, so we’ll learn together.

Still too early to predict a release date, here’s a quick summary of the story:

In the vein of National Treasure, “The Kaleidoscope” asks the question; what if advances in artificial intelligence, together with mystical properties found in the earth’s elements, produced unexplainable images of the viewer’s future?

Harold Donaldson, a know-it-all computer analyst, unwillingly becomes the guardian of a magical kaleidoscope that reveals glimpses into the viewers’ future. When Harold’s boss tells him his interpersonal skills need improving for consideration for a promotion, he stalks a homeless man to prove his philanthropy, and ends up the custodian of a beautiful, handcrafted kaleidoscope. The ‘scope immediately attracts a circle of colorful characters, including Rhashan, a Rastafarian who teaches Harold to look beyond stereotypes, to Pepper Eubanks, a free-spirited neighbor recovering from breast cancer who inspires Harold to face his troubled past and embrace the future. Then when Harold’s best friend, Morrie Guthrie, views a long-lost cousin’s image, Harold becomes the focus of a ring of corporate spies intent on capturing the kaleidoscope and using the remarkable technology for their evil purposes.

Stay tuned and I’ll continue to blog the process to publication!

Here’s a Pinterest board for TK for those of you who appreciate the visual.

And make note of its very own hashtag – #thekaleidoscope to follow the epic journey.



9 thoughts on “Exciting news about “The Kaleidoscope”

    1. Bev Post author

      Cathy, As a writer, you know what a thrill it is to have a project you really believe in and watch it grow and be “born” right? Thanks!

    1. Bev Post author

      Pat, So good to hear from you. Thanks, I’m very blessed and can’t wait for you to see it!

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