5-Star Honors

Fresh Start Summer has just received this 5-star Seal of Approval from www.readersfavorite.com!


Here’s one of the reviews that contributed to the honor:

Reviewed By Patricia Day for Readers’ Favorite:

“Open the pages of this delightful book, Fresh Start Summer by Beverly Nault, and prepare to be entertained. Small-town Americans are proud of their roots and even more so of their hometown. When a movie company chooses the town of Cherryvale for its next movie production location, it affects residents in a variety of ways. Maggie does not approve. She loves Cherryvale just the way it is and does not relish movie-making hordes invading it. She envisions corruption of her beloved hometown, as well as the morals and ethics of the residents. No, she foresees only bad coming of it. She owns an animal sanctuary and has enough to handle without outside interference. Sam and Abby Madison are quite excited at the prospect and anticipate being a part of the production – acting and assisting. Carolyn and her twins Cassie and Carson long for the excitement the company will bring to sleepy Cherryvale, and other residents such as Grace and her husband and their Pastor take it all in their stride. What’s to get anxious about – these intruders will only be with them a short while?

When you put all these folk together and add two shady characters from the town, and a spoiled teenage film diva who has known nothing but success, you have the ingredients for an out of the ordinary story. Throw in greed, envy, kidnapping and arsonists, and the story turns from interesting to attention-grabbing. Initially, I wondered when the many characters would be brought together and what would the catalyst be? People and attitudes are changed radically as the intrigue unfolds; even people you’d never think of as friendly become changed beings when their ‘normal’ is tossed inside out. I finished the book loving the differences that had come about as the tale developed. Worth the read.”

Thanks, Patricia! FSSnewcover.do - Version 3

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