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Welcome to my corner of the world where I celebrate FRESH STARTSnew beginnings, and explore nature’s beauty in THE SEASONS OF CHERRYVALE series.

FRESH START STORIES, because everyone needs one from time to time.

What better way to start your own fresh start than by sprucing up your garden? Here’s my tip to boost your flowers, vegetables, succulents, or even houseplants, to their lushest growing season ever.


Besides water, the correct amount of sunlight is crucial to nurturing growing things, so I am giving away a SUNCALC probe that will take the guesswork out of what you can plant, and where.

With the high cost of groceries, like me you might  be inspired to begin a vegetable garden. In FRESH START SUMMER,  the main character, Grace,  enjoys gardening, and then bikes around the CherryPath to see what’s growing in Cherryvale, where neighbors care, gardeners share, and God allows do-overs.

Fresh Start Summer2-1-1

Winner of the 2011 San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild “Nancy Bayless Excellence in Writing” Award

Named one of Real’s Top 21 Great Summer Books, and a finalist in the 2011 Grace Awards.

Praise for FRESH START SUMMER – “Lovable–and some not-so-lovable–characters, a delightful setting, and a humorous voice all worked together to captivate in Beverly Nault’s Fresh Start Summer… Indulge yourself in a little hometown nostalgia, where friends close ranks to help and protect their neighbors. Novel Rocket and I recommend it as athoroughly good read.” Ane Mulligan, Novel Rocket (from Amazon review)

DSC_0103So, if  you have a pesky spot where the petunias pout or the wisterias whine, you can know if the problem stems from too much or not enough sun.

To enter to win the SUNCALC:

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  • BONUS: If you do one of the above, plus share your own experience with making a fresh start in the comments section, I’ll enter your name twice!

SUNCAL takes the guesswork out of where to put plants based on”FULL SUN,” “PARTIAL SUN, and SHADE.

From Amazon’s description – It accurately measures the amount of accumulated light that falls on a gardener’s specific location of their property, providing you with the ability to match a plant’s light requirements (full sun, partial sun,etc.) with the actual light conditions as measured by SunCalc. All gardeners need to do is place SunCalc at the desired location, turn it on and 12 hours later return to read the results. Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade or Full Shade. A $24.00 value!  

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Other books in the series: Autumn Changes, Hearts Unlocked, and Christmas Bells




19 thoughts on “Authors in Bloom

  1. Savannah miller

    I liked you on facebook and follow you on twitter 🙂
    Thank you for the chance to win! I def. need this for my garden I always mess up with shade plants. It would be nice to have the guess work taking out

    1. Bev Post author

      Isn’t it a great idea? You’re in the pool, and thanks for joining the hop, have fun and good luck!

    1. Bev Post author

      HAHA! Jennifer! The first step is always admitting your need, right? Support group for challenged gardeners, forming here! Thanks for stopping by, and have fun on the hop! You’re entered to win!

  2. bn100

    Please sign me up for the newsletter. Didn’t see the link on your site.
    Clean out the pantry, so you’re left for fresher products

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Bev Post author

      I will sign you up for the newsletter, thanks for stopping in! (FYI, the newsletter subscription is at the top right where it says “Subscribe Here, Your email will never be…”

    1. Bev Post author

      Nice meeting you too, Shelley! Thanks, I love hearing people’s fresh starts. Kind of like spring in the garden, right?

  3. Meghan Stith

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I liked your FB page: Meghan Stith
    I signed up for your newsletter!
    For springtime, I look forward to being able to walk my dog again. He’s really affected by weather so we can’t really walk him in the winter. He gets too cold!
    Thanks again!

    mestith at gmail dot com

    1. Bev Post author

      I’ll bet your dog appreciates the warm weather and long walks! You’re welcome and thanks for stopping in!

  4. sarah p

    Sometimes everyone just needs a fresh start. Mine has been a change in my thought process. I noticed that I constantly looked at the negative in life, and have started finding the positive even in those not so perfect moments 🙂 I wish I could start a garden, that would be a completely different, yet equally refreshing change! Thanks for your post. I signed up for your newsletter as well
    oddball2003 at hotmail dot com

    1. Bev Post author

      Good for you, Sarah P. These days, we really need more positive thoughts and people like you to remind us.

  5. Shadow

    Thanks for sharing! I need those tips! I dont have a green thump. I kill even the easiest plants. lol I over water, under water, too much or too little sun, etc. I think when plants see me coming, they wither. lol Thank you!
    Facebook: Shadow Kohler
    Twitter: LuvToRead09


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