Beautiful friends, wonderful family, and exciting news

(Originally posted November, 2011)

Recently my sister, Brenda, honored me with an afternoon coffee, complete with Grace’s favorite muffins, at her gorgeous home. My mother, Barbara, joined us. Despite a downpour, many of Brenda’s friends whom she’d told about my writing, braved the storm to drop in to meet me and encourage my writing. I was also tickled to see several high school girlfriends (see below) who drove through the Texas-sized gulley-washer, to cheer me on.

I read a few pages from my novella, Grace & Maggie Across the Pond,

the short story sequel to Fresh Start Summer.

The hours of writing, rewriting, anguish over just the right phrase, what’s believable about a character, how to turn a scene, is all worth it when a writer gets to meet the people on the other side of the process. 

L-R Joanne, Kay, Luann, me, Karen and Susie




And while we’re on the subject, let me direct you to my good friend, Lu’s blog where she often posts yummy recipes, and always serves up a good laugh.Follow this link for Luanne’s Just Right Pumpkin Muffins

Comment: Wednesday November 9, 2011

That is so wonderful, and fulfilling, I can imagine Bev. You look beautiful. Give me the jacket and no one gets hurt! 🙂

I love this, LOVED your book, love you and can’t wait for the sequel.

Janis Pollard

REPLY:November 9, 2011

Thanks, Jan, love you more!


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