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The Kaleidoscope Audible Review

Just received this 5-star review from Audiobook Empire.

“Beverly Nault has created a cast of unique characters Pepper, Rashan, and Walter that formed a backdrop to the main protagonist a banal computer scientist named Harold Donaldson. Whose life as a computer scientist was routine, mundane, predictable, until one fateful day when by sheer and utter circumstance a Kaleidoscope appeared that changed the trajectory of his predictable life. Rather abruptly Harold was catapulted from his daily grind in the computer industry to a crime detective determined to find the answers to this intriguing piece of art. Accompanied by his oddly well-faceted group of friends that were fated to meet and solve the mysteries held within the legacy of the Kaleidoscope.

The twists and turns within The Kaleidoscope‘s ever-changing narrative are as varied and captivating as peering into a Kaleidoscope for some time. Each time the view focuses on one aspect of the closing lights and other shape appears with another layer of the story. Comparable to an onion, this story continues to reveal many layers.

Harold’s self-esteem had suffered from years of gaslighting and many forms of tumultuous abuse that he suffered as a child, including the loss of his father and the heinous murder of his mother. Harold’s character provided an example of the devastating effects a problematic childhood can have on one’s mind, heart, psyche, and life’s path. His trouble with women and difficulty believing in himself eventuated from childhood traumas.

Narrations were performed by Joseph Vernon—his calm, crisp narratives add another level of depth to this audio experience. Throughout the novel, his tonality and inflections would change to better accommodate the scene or character portrayal. This element added a richness to the book that proudly showcased the brilliant outcome of Nault and Vernon’s combined talents.

The Kaleidoscope is a medley of action, crime, suspense, sci-fi, romance, and here and there a bit of dry hilarity mixed in for good measure. Also, to note this story does provide insight into the mental and emotional issues adults who suffered child abuse grapple with healing later in life. To those who enjoy a listening experience that is entertaining, fascinating, and delivered with a bit of well-written romance, this novel will keep you entertained and eager for the next chapter!”

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Available in Kindle and paperback

“Reviewed By Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite – Five Stars
Beverly Nault redefines the meaning of an undercover secret mission in Misdirect. “Look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen” (2 Corinthians 4:18). After botching a field mission to retrieve a thumb drive, CIA operative Eve Parker is forced into a desk job. Most of the agency wanted her fired for her incompetence. Her family is not really pleased with her either. Her career took precedence and her husband and daughter paid the price. Several years after the incident, an agent involved in her failed mission is killed; the intelligence reveals a photo of the infamous missing thumb drive. Due to her experience and knowledge, Eve is assigned to the mission. Although she feels guilty for leaving her family again, Eve jumps at the chance to join the team. She soon realizes that “something’s brewing,” something much bigger than any of them could have ever foreseen. Traveling alone in the desert, with a boy as her guide, Eve draws close to God and begins to pray. She trained for this and believes God is on her side.

Seriously engagingMisdirect by Beverly Nault is filled with twists and turns and unexpected events. Written with hidden layers of intrigue and suspense, the plot unfolds surprisingly. Nault does a spectacular job of convoluting the plot. Concealed truths, a massive terrorist threat, and an unbelievable covert mission create a thrilling tale of espionage. The characterization is masterfully written, the heroine is more than what she seems. She is a perfect blend of “real and raw!” The conflict of good versus evil is the prevailing force behind the action. “There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, and it lies heavy upon men” (Ecclesiastes 6:1). Placing the heroine in the desert, enduring isolation, and the harsh conditions exposes her strengths and vulnerability. It is there “under the sun” that she witnesses the essence of evil, yet discovers her purpose and is found by God. Once the rubber hits the road, or the desert uncovers the oasis, the denouement begins. Those things hidden become seen, unraveling slowly at first, then accelerating into a climactic, incredible ending.

For more about Misdirect, here’s a post with more information.


The Kaleidoscope

 A romantic adventure with a touch of mystery

“…the perfect combination of mystery, science fiction, romance”

 Yeah, it’s all that…
 When Harold, a self-absorbed computer nerd, finds himself the custodian of a magical Kaleidoscope that can show viewers glimpses into their future, he embarks on a life-changing journey to unlock its mysteries. Surrounded by an eclectic circle of friends he’d once scorned, Harold discovers truths about his past that allow him to embrace the future, but not before the bad guys are taken down in a clever twist of the ‘scope in a heart-stopping confrontation of good vs evil. Techno-thrills, humor, adventure, mystery and romance. “…a fun beach or vacation read.”
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Available in paperback and e-reader from Amazon . Also available in paperback if you’re old school. Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think!
Find out more about Harold and the rest of the colorful cast here.


Here’s what readers are saying:

“The Kaleidoscope” by B.K. Nault was a breathtaking read. I couldn’t put it down.”
“…her formation of an unlikely hero in Harold Donaldson is witty, bittersweet, and thoroughly endearing. I feel that even readers who dislike speculative fiction will be hard-pressed not to enjoy the realism and credibility of this tale”
“This is a wonderful read. It is well written and moves along at a steady pace.” DailyReader – Amazon Review

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FRESH START SUMMER, the cornerstone book that launched the beloved Seasons of Cherryvale, is now available in AUDIO!


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Here’s a link to a fun interview I had over at The Editor’s Note about Fresh Start Summer, and download your complete copy and start reading TODAY!


“This was my first Cherryvale story, first time meeting Maggie and Grace. I could sit down and have a cup of tea with these two (and would like the same with the author!). I enjoyed every step of their journey and loved how the story unfolded. Beverly Nault has a great eye for the telling details that don’t slow the pace, and a gift for revealing character through dialogue. I am now reading Fresh Start Summer and look forward to the rest of the books in this series. Highly recommended.”


 “I LOVED getting to know Maggie and Grace better after reading Hearts Unlocked. Beverly’s writing about Faith is real and touching. This is a GREAT portrayal of God’s unending, freely given LOVE! I cried and laughed again and again. I feel as though the ‘Valers and I are old friend. Hearts Unlocked is timelined after Autumn Changes, but my advice/recommendation to you is to get both and read how you choose. I read Hearts Unlocked first and didn’t regret it one bit. 🙂 A wonderful, fun story with love, forgiveness, and redemption!” ASC Book Reviews


“I read this little treasure of a book in three nights. It had the feel of a full-length novel and not a novella. During the day, I found myself anticipating my evenings which would be spent in Cherryvale with Stephanie, her love interest(s), and the secondary characters. I think you will thoroughly enjoy this book. It brought me to a place of warm pumpkin pies cooking in the oven, turkey waiting on the table
for family to gather, and fall leaves crunching under my feet. A lovely book.” Readwithme Amazon review
christmas_bells_cover_for_kindle-2“Great Christmas story. Anyone who likes to read Christmas stories will enjoy it! A quick read, but very enjoyable! Loved it!” Frenzy Reader – Amazon Review
spring_blossoms_cover_for_kindle“This book is a combination of a lot of things, a double wedding, Grace, who thinks she is losing it, and a new neighbor who is driving Grace crazy, but in the end brings out the best in Grace. It is a heartwarming book that I could not put down. Make sure you have a box of tissues close by. Loved it. Highly recommend this book.” Deborah Simmering – Amazon Review
All six titles now in one volume! Seasons series cover

“This series is what small town living should be like. Wonderful people caring and doing for each other all centered around “the path” that connects neighbors’ lives with great wisdom and compassion. “Sometimes God puts people in our lives for His reason. Not ours.” These people will definitely make you smile, laugh, feel good, feel sad, and, more importantly, think. You will learn about “fresh starts” and “best friends laws”, and about giving and caring, and that no one is perfect. It’s about living the way God wants us to live, by His word. My favorite passage, “Hard to accept love from your heavenly Father when your relationship with your earthly father is dysfunctional”. Maggie, Rose, Emma, Shelby,and Carol are wonderful friends who help Gracie keep it together. But when Gracie meets Fancy, she has real opportunity for personal growth. Have you ever cried and smiled while you are reading a story? The final interaction between Fancy and Gracie is magical and wonderful. I very much enjoyed this series and look forward to reading more from this author.” Linda – Amazon ★★★★★ Review



CV slogan III


Other Titles:


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Mary McDonough’s bestselling, compelling memoir about growing up on the classic television series, The Waltons, and her life after the series ended. 

UPDATE! Here’s what Mary’s been up to since “Lessons” came out. From her bio at  The Bigger Game speakers bureau: “Perhaps the result of the many years she spent working in and successfully navigating her place in a difficult and highly visible industry, it seemed only natural for Mary McDonough to reach out to others. Thus, her work began as a life coach, public speaker and activist. In fact, she spent 10 years lobbying congress on behalf of women’s health. After experiencing and overcoming her own health crisis, she began performing hands-on work to help others heal their health, spirits and lives. As a sought-after speaker and workshop leader, Mary helps individuals with personal change, create life balance, and return to a sense of self. Her workshop, “Body Branding, Getting Comfortable with the Skin You’re In” examines how we can undo the negativity about ourselves and change the picture you offer of yourself to the world.”

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