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Coffee Break Escape…7 Minute Adventures exploring the world together

I don’t know about you, but I get a little restless once in a while. It’s a big world, erm…galaxy, right? With interesting lifestyles, people, new sights, and under-reported events that beg for discussion and discovery.

So I ask you:

How many words per minute do you read?

How long does it take to sip your coffee, or tea, etc.? (We include beverage drinkers of all varieties here.)

Here’s the desk in the office suites where I work answering phones. My gracious boss lets me drink coffee all day long, AND work on my fiction and blog. Thanks, Kevin!

While I pondered how to take a quick “armchair” trip to explore, without expensive airplane tickets and embarrassing airport yoga…

I percolated up (sorry) the idea of Coffee Break Escape, for a quick getaway. Short enough to digest while we ingest.

Subscribe, follow, or check back here weekly to see what we’ve brewed up. And you may be a winner…details to follow!

We’ll take a quick look at something we all wonder about, or someone whose story needs to be shared.

Like…Where did Sodoku come from? or who trained the first service dog for the blind?

The world is our sandbox.

We’ll explore the lesser known, or time travel to unique and compelling moments in history, all nutshelled down for a quick read.

You can play, too!

I’m looking for guest “adventure-istas.” 

Maybe you’re an expert on how the knitting needle evolved to its current length and pointy-ness, or you’ve taken some snapshots in a corner of the world most of us may never be able to visit. Let me know!

Whenever you hear something intriguing, visit that backroads museum of antique washing machine parts, or see something unusual you want to share, bring it!

Write up your idea, and I might feature your discovery or insight right here! See contest information below.*


maybe there’s something you’ve always wondered about, and you want me to do your “exploring.” Leave me a note and I’ll add it to the “to be brewed” menu.

And I want your bio, links, urls, twitter handles, or FB professional page links on each one so readers who discover you can quickly click through to find you where yo live.

To answer the questions I posed above, according to a quick internet survey, and some home testing (it’s the least I could do), I found the average adult reads about 300 wpm, and drinks a cup of coffee in around 7 minutes (give or take the average between guzzling and savoring.)

To fit into our break time, we’ll keep the posts to 1000 words or less. (This one is 531 to give you an idea.)

Photos you’ve taken or have rights to, or artwork you’ve created, are definitely encouraged!

This is going to be fun!

This caracal demonstrating mid-air hunting leaps for excitement (and toy balls). (San Diego Zoo Safari Park)

When I’ve gathered a couple dozen or so, I’ll be compiling them into an anthology and publishing them to Kindle (nook versions planned for the future), to meet the digital audience yearning for interesting material. The links you provide to your blog, book or business will draw these readers and potential new followers.

Occasionally, we’ll have contests* and people’s choice awards for the most unusual, outrageous, funny, or poignant stories. Start gathering your ideas now, and start submitting today!

Email me using the contact box in the sidebar with questions or your submission.

*Overseas contestants may receive accolades of applause, while North American winners can expect fun and exciting gifts along with their high-fives. Bev reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity.