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Whether you’re an extreme birder, or more chill (like me), then this is for you!

This hummer captured mid-beat appears to be in prayer.

If you’d rather grab the binoculars than the remote, trek through forests listening for songs on the breeze, you’re probably a birder.

Here’s Nikki!

I don’t know what came first with me, the photo opps, or the urge to always look up, but about the time we brought home Nikki (our Nikon D5100), I was inspired to begin bird watching (the trendier term includes listening, as well as looking.) The tamer, and more patient fellas in our southern California backyard begged for shooting, and the pursuit of capturing them–digitally of course, hooked me.

So in typical Bev fashion, I took the bull by the horns, or bird by the feathers as it were, and plunged into the sport, hobby, passion, call it what you will, of birding. But let’s not overdo it.

On a plane to Hawaii last summer, I had watched The Big Year, the movie based on the book by Mark Obmascik. In it, characters played by Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson vie for the highest count of species spotted in one year, forsaking jobs, relationships and a good bit of sanity to achieve the honor.

This excellent article in Birds and Blooms magazine explains the pursuit, the book and the guy whose story inspired the franchise.

We’re talking extreme birding here, y’all.

In the movie, they’d often dash within viewing distance, glance at the bird, then rush to catch a plane, boat or chopper to their next location to tick off another species.

Um, we won’t discuss some of the primitive living situations, which we all know is not going to happen with Bev. Check me into a Marriott, and cue the natives!

That’s the beauty of the hobby. Wherever you stay, live, play, the little critters are all around, and fascinating to watch.

Created with the ability to migrate millions of miles, care for their young in extreme conditions (think penguins), birds reflect the boundless imagination and sense of humor of our creator God.

What a gift He gave us, and we’d be remiss in not taking a little time to study and admire them.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, er, launch into birding, I posted an article that makes it easy-peasy to begin, “Ten Easy Tips to Begin Birdwatching by This Weekend,”available on Amazon. Don’t worry, no leave of absence required. Unless you want to!

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in south Texas

What are your favorite birds? Have you taken up a new hobby or sport lately?

I’d love to hear about it!



Click on the cover below to check out my Kindle article, and start exploring the world of birding. See you on the hunt!