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In 2015, I began as a reader, and then was named associate editor for the lovely literary journal, Eastern Iowa Review, a journal of good spaces and I served in this capacity for two years. Compiled and edited by Chila Woychik, we’re committed to finding and presenting the best fiction and nonfiction essays and poetry for your reading enjoyment. While I’m not editor any longer, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and helping select nonfiction lyrical essays and literary fiction for this wonderful journal.

Seeking lyric, hybrid and experimental essays, the journal is still in production and is a great place to begin submitting for publication, or for seasoned writers to stretch their literary chops.

… the heart of the lyric essay is not reality, not nature, but the music of reality, the music of nature as conceived in the mind of the essayist—the music of beautiful untrue things, which, as Wilde says, is the proper aim of art. (Joey Franklin) https://www.triquarterly.org/craft-essays/beautiful-untrue-things-lyric-essay 

Here’s an article written by Chila Woychik, the Editor and founder, about its inception and intent:  The Thing About Literary Journals

And here’s an article about what editors (like me!) do for literary journals such as the EIR: What Editors Want

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