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Beverly Nault has a B.A. in Political Science from Texas A&M University and graduate level work in Business Writing from Wright State University. She was a business and technical writer for corporate publications for many years. She successfully completed a one year Writing for Children course, and the Christian Writer’s Guild, What’s Your Story? two-year Course, mentored by science fiction writer, Kathy Tyers. IMG_0179

Bev’s the Associate Editor for The Eastern Iowa Review, a literary journal seeking lyric essays, experimental essays, or hybrid essays. Think Annie Dillard if you’re not sure what that is.

Beverly’s nonfiction works include “Lessons from the Mountain, What I Learned from Erin Walton,” (Kensington 2009) co-written with Mary McDonough. The memoir about the actress’ life growing up on the acclaimed television show, “The Waltons,” won the Ella Dickey Literacy Award in 2010.

Humorous, faith-filled, and thought provoking, Beverly’s award-winning fiction series, The Seasons of Cherryvale, will draw you in and won’t let go. The characters quickly become friends you’ll adore. Thought-provoking themes and poignant moments abound and her gorgeous settings and plots with twists and surprises will entice you to settle in for a cozy armchair escape to a town you’ll want to return to again and again.Beverly has also written a six-book series, The Seasons of Cherryvale, including “Fresh Start Summer,” (2009, Lamp Post Press) which earned the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild Excellence in Writing Award, was included in Real Simple’s Best Summer Fiction list, and Honorable Mention in the Reader’s Favorite Writing Awards (2011). Beverly’s latest book, “The Kaleidoscope,” (2015, Wild Rose Press) earned an InDy’Tale Crowned Heart/five star review upon publication. Her short story, “Camouflaged Christmas,” appears in the “21 Days of Christmas, a fiction devotional (2015, Broadstreet Publishing). Bev also reviews live theatrical productions for local newspapers.

A freelance editor for novels and website content, some of Bev’s clients have earned agent and publisher contracts and awards for their work under her care. She attends a monthly critique group and has several pre-published writers she enjoys mentoring toward their publication dreams.

Beverly’s diverse background informs her ability to advise and instruct. She’s won awards for her work as a props mistress and set decorator for Community Theater, and performed onstage and in an Indy film or two, but she much prefers working backstage or critiquing from the seats. She’s a former pre-Olympic rider in hunter and dressage, having ridden in the United States and England where she studied to earn a certificate from the British Horse Society. She’s been a certified judge for the Miss America/Miss California scholarship system, and taught and judged theater improvisation. Bev also sings with a volunteer community choir whose sole purpose is to entertain seniors in nursing homes and senior centers. Due to her husband Gary’s air force and aerospace career, Bev’s lived in two countries and seven states, and traveled to many others.

Beverly and Gary have two grown children who were recently married within three months of each other. (Yikes is right!) And now they’re thrilled to welcome a granddaughter. Look out, time to buy that baby books! Empty nested and possibly a little out of their minds, Bev and Gary sold their sticks and bricks house and are now living in their RV they call “Flight Risk,” or “Fly” for short, and someday they intend to do just that. They enjoy photography, powered Para-gliding (Gary) horseback riding (Bev), country line dancing, travel, and figuring out what’s left to tricking out their motor coach in anticipation of the coast-to-coast trip they plan to take when retirement happens.

Professional Associations include (past and/or present): San Diego Christian Writers, Romance Writers of America, and American Christian Fiction Writers.

Beverly writes a blog, Bev Said WHAT? at her website,, twitters @Bevnault, and you can also find her on Facebook, Beverly Nault, a little too often.


Beverly writes Fresh Start Stories, because everyone needs one from time to time, summing up the importance of new beginnings in life, and God’s redemptive grace. Bev understands well the challenges of starting over since she and husband Gary have moved dozens of times, lived in six different states, and two countries. (She promises they weren’t running from the law!) Now settled in Southern California, they enjoy traveling, photography, and spoiling their granddogs, Gracie and Chloe. Their grown children, Lindsay and Evan, have happily married their ones, and are both employed in their chosen career fields.


Beverly’s nonfiction includes the international bestselling memoir, “Lessons from the Mountain, What I Learned from Erin Walton” co-written with actress Mary McDonough. This important book has earned literary and fan praise. The recipient of the 2011 Ella Dickey Literacy award, and hundreds of five-star reviews, the book has touched reader’s hearts, and become an important look at what it’s like to “grow up Hollywood.”

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6 thoughts on “Bev’s Blog

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  3. Donna Celaya

    As a journalist for more than 2 decades, I have always fancied myself a writer foremost, and a journalist/reporter/photographer/editor as the necessary means of keeping my blade sharp. (Not to mention that it’s fun. )
    After attempting a novel and having my computer and the entire story stolen, and then after talking a walk through your creative process, I find myself wondering if I’m destined to be a reader of great fiction, rather than the author!

    My husband, Louie, and I look forward very much to meeting you in person and having you as our guest this weekend. I’ll call you in a little while. I have to keep in mind the time zone difference! I’ll also send you a tentative itinerary of events, places and folks you will experience during your stay in our Cherryvale.

    We have you set to meet lots of people, go lots of places and see lots of things, but I also have tried to build some “down time” into your schedule so you can come home, kick off your shoes and take a nap if you like. As my husband’s family would say, “Nuestra casa es su casa.” Our home is your home.
    Talk to you in just a little bit!
    Donna Celaya

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  5. Elsie Gille

    Hi Beverly,
    Just finished reading Murder, Most Sincerely which was recommended to me by my dear friend, Brenda. I really enjoyed the read and will be passing the suggestion along to my bridge buddies. I must say, I suspected the wrong guy most of the way though the story and feel almost guilty for doubting him – I don’t want to give a name in case that might ruin the book for someone else.
    Have a wonderful summer and enjoy both weddings. My prayers are with both of your children and they begin their new lives and with you and Gary as well.
    Hope to see you on your next visit to Texas.
    Elsie Gille

    1. Bev Post author

      Thanks so much, both for reading and the wedding wishes.
      See you next time I’m in town!


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