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Free Tuesday May 14th and Wednesday May 15th

Today I’m hosting my friend, Laura Marshall, helping spread the word about her book, Persistent Love:


A Christian Romantic Suspense Novella set in 1685, England.

 Fear has been Tara’s constant companion since age nine when she witnessed her mother’s murder. Tara’s father moves his family to the ancient castle of Raven’s Cliff, far from the ships that could carry her back to India and the answers she believes lie there. Andrew offers her friendship and guides her gently to the One who will give her peace. Will she find hope for something other than revenge?

Here’s a brief Q&A with the Author, Laura J. Marshall.

Q: What do you think makes a good story?

A: To make a good story, I believe characters that you can relate to are important, as well as being able to place yourself in the scene as you read. I love a “cozy” feel to a book as I read it. I don’t know what the secret is to writing a story with this element, but I hope I achieved it in Persistent Love.

lauramarshallLaura J. Marshall is the full-time mother of five sons and part-time writer and blogger. She operates a popular blog called The Old Stone Wall. Laura is the best-selling author of the Battle Cry Devotional Series. Visit to find out more about Laura’s books.





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