Congratulations, and the importance of hard work

“Bischof kicks off her Cadence of Grace series with a tale of love blossoming in the most daunting circumstances. A gem by an author sure to draw fans.” ~Publishers Weekly

Preparing for the San Diego Writer’s Conference this weekend reminded me of the journey of a book I hold dear to my heart, and whose author I consider even dearer. When we first met, like me, Joanne was just beginning her journey as an author, but was already way ahead since she had been writing and finishing novels since she was in grade school. Which wasn’t really that long in years since Joanne is >ahem< young enough to be my daughter. But I digress.

Aglow and “blooming” in her second pregnancy, Joanne’s joy of writing, love for the Lord, and willingness to listen and offer helpful advice was abundant. I was charmed from that first meeting.

Since then, I’ve witnessed her journey to publication. She shares the challenges, the ups and downs, all with humor and transparency on her blog at Hearfelt Fiction. I highly recommend you subscribe. (She also tells funny stories, shares yummy recipes, and I particularly like how she tells about how she researches and tests a lot of the methods…like soap making…for her historical fiction.)

Like anyone who achieves success in their profession, Joanne’s done everything right; she’s put in looonnng hours. She’s sat at her keyboard for hours (often with a baby in her arms), attended critique groups and conferences, studied the craft, entered contests, listened to those who’ve gone before her with a willingness to learn, all while homeschooling, and always being the greatest friend and encourager one could ask for.

She puts in the hard work. Nothing was handed to Joanne, she’s earned every accolade and five star review.

And she pays it forward. Without being asked, she shares news and announcements from other writers, she retweets, asks how she can help, and offers candid and honest advice.

Because she won the Nancy Bayless award for promising new authors in 2009 at the San Diego Conference we’ll attend this weekend, I consider this Joanne’s writing anniversary of sorts.

Well done, Joanne. You are an inspiration, a gifted and talented writer, a cherished friend, and I know the Lord has mighty plans for your stories that will delight and challenge readers, and other writers like me, for generations.

Beyond that, you are a remarkable child of God, a devoted wife, mother, and daughter, and I am proud to call you my friend.

Now dear reader, run get a copy of Be Still My Soul and curl up with a wonderful story. You will not be able to put it down.

“I just loved Ms. Bischof’s writing style, and her descriptions that took me there. Be Still My Soul is a beautiful, heartfelt tale of forgiveness and starting over, with deep characters and a stunning mountain setting.” Faye, an Amazon reviewer



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4 thoughts on “Congratulations, and the importance of hard work

  1. Joanne Bischof

    Beverly, you are so sweet. This pretty much made me cry. It’s been so fun spending this journey with you girls as travel companions. I’m excited to see what God has in store next for our little group 🙂

  2. Ashley Ludwig

    Love. Love. Love this amazing review of our dear friend, Joanne, and her publishing “Birthday!!!”

    When I first met Joanne, we were both on our road through motherhood and writing. While I deviated off the path awhile, Joanne kept trucking and look at her now! Thank you, Beverly, for your insightful, sweet and precious account of the hard work our dear sister, Joanne has put in to make her writing read so effortlessly.

    Joanne, you are a testament to being a daughter of the King…. so proud of you, and all that is in store.



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