You Should Write a Book!

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Have you ever heard that? Do you have such an interesting life, or a story inside begging to get out?

Maybe you’re keeping an early draft hidden behind several password protected portals in your laptop.

I’m not gonna lie. Writing is not easy. But it can be so rewarding, and cathartic. To create, to imagine, to share. And if your passion is bubbling up, maybe it’s time to dispel whatever’s stopping you.

There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you.
Z.N. Hurston

Before you break out into a total flop sweat, let’s explore the Top 5 Reasons people give for not writing. See if you recognize yourself. And take a deep breath.

1. Not enough time. Oh, please. These days it’s not like working on that antique machine…yes, kids, that is a typewriter. The keys jammed, the ribbons tore, and when you made a mistake, you had to start all over, or use messy white out.

You can write a line or two on your smartphone while waiting for your Starbucks. Our grandparent’s generation had to hunt and peck, re-type and used reams of paper, and yet they wrote VOLUMES. (If you bang out 5 lines a day for a year, you will have about 20,000 words.) Not buying this one.

2. I don’t know where to start. This is actually a pretty tough question even for multi-published authors. Epilogue or no, the day you were born, or two years later. Middle of the action, or build up to the character. My advice? Read some compelling memoirs and see how they start. One of my favorites is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Wells. OR just begin wherever you feel comfortable. Then go back and cut, paste, delete. (They’re talking about making Glass Castle into a movie, maybe yours is the next blockbuster but you have to write it first!) Just begin! 

3. My life/story is not that interesting/unusual/compelling.  That’s probably quite true. There’s a saying among us writer-types that all stories have already been told. But it’s the way you say it, how you tell it, that makes it unique. OR, it’s written for a unique audience. Maybe you should write just so your grandchildren will know more about you. Or to get it off your chest!

Photo by Frank Selmo WANA Commons

4.  I’m not a good writer. So learn. You weren’t a very good driver/cook/walker when you started. But with practice, we get better. (Let’s hope) The internet and bookstores are full of helpful information. I wrote a couple of posts a few months ago with great links to help launch you; Part One and Part Two explore everything from what you can read for inspiration, to websites where you can get encouragement and advice.

And you can always ask me. Bev loves to talk writing.

5. _____________. How can I argue with that? LOL Seriously, you might have plenty of excuses, even one I’ve never heard.

But when you are tired of making excuses, feel the urge, know you are not alone.

Most of us have harbored a secret desire to write the Great American Novel, our memoirs, or a short story. Do it.

We’re all friends here, and this is a safe place to pull up a chair and start banging away at the keyboard.

I’d love to hear about your writing desire, and encourage and inspire you.

Everything worth doing well requires practice.
Imagine how long it took her to learn this.





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6 thoughts on “You Should Write a Book!

    1. Bev Post author

      Did not mean to make anyone feel bad…besides, you’ve completed your first, and are working on your second ms. Go girl!

  1. Joanne Bischof

    I know of so many people who have story ideas and don’t know where to begin. It seems that lying inside most people is a storyteller waiting to come out. These are great tips and answers to those unspoken fears. Writing a book is definitely not easy, but the rewards are so worth it!

    1. Bev Post author

      You’re right, Joanne,that there are storytellers in most of us. You’re an excellent example by the way! (Y’all, Joanne’s Cadence of Grace series launches this October, go look for “Be Still My Soul” and order your copy.)

  2. Karen Wood

    I write mostly musings that spring from meditation/contemplation experiences. I have several manuscripts that have been sitting on shelves for years, and finally got around to starting to post some more recent reflections on a blog in the form of prayers, poems and song lyrics. I call it “Love Notes to God.” Maybe someday I can scoop up the collection into a little book that someone might find helpful, comforting or inspiring. In the meantime, I suppose I’m wallowing in laziness. 🙂 SO PROUD of you, Bev! You’re an inspiration. Big hug ….

    1. Bev Post author

      Karen, That’s awesome, I’ve been blessed by your reflections many times. Here’s to your “gathering,” whether it be on your blog, or in a printed format, or e-reflections…hey, is that a new thing? There are so many options these days, it’s almost overwhelming. (You’re not lazy. Nu-uh! don’t go there.) Thanks for stopping in and leaving me with a hug and “pat on the back,” never can get too many of those! Right backatya!


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