Who’s your Puppy? Or, We Got our Dog a Dog.

Gracie demonstrates her form.

The Olympics are just around the corner, and we thought we’d get a head start. Well, a head start cheering from the sidelines!

First a tiny bit of background.

Our family had been a couple years without a pet when Lindsay (at the time living at home starting her new career) fell in love with a miniature pinscher puppy (if you could have seen that little body wiggling with glee when Lindsay picked her up, you would’ve caved as well–even if you swore you did NOT need another dog.)

Who could resist those big brown eyes?

 Yep, love at first sight.

Lindsay named her Gracie (oddly similar name to my main character, Grace Harkins. Weird, right?) and she snuggled, gnawed, wiggled her stump, and generally worked her way into our hearts.


We quickly realized “Busy” –one of her many nicknames, would need lots of activities and attention.

More than four or twenty humans could provide.

Enter, Linda Morrill, our terrific pet sitter. (Cheers to pet sitters everywhere!) Over-dogged at her house, she was looking to adopt out the ever-patient, and as you can see, elegant Chloe.

Linda observed the two pups were made to play, and a sister-hood was born.

Why the jumping photo at the top you ask?

To keep Gracie’s active mind engaged, Lindsay recently enrolled her in agility training, and their graduation was a few days ago. A shout out to Intelligent Ability of Orange County. (You can find similar classes in your area. No need to be super athletic, it’s great fun and good exercise. The dogs seem to enjoy it as well!)

While Gracie was in class, Chloe showed up to cheer her on. Then on graduation day, the trainers “inspired” her to give it a go…

Chloe demonstrates even the prissiest dog will perform for a yummy treat….and a little encouragement from a sister.

In one of the funnest graduation ceremonies ever, Gracie earned her diploma, and all the “rights and privileges pertaining therein.” Cracks me up. Do not tell this dog she doesn’t have rights, she’s got the paper to prove it!

Gracie’s got that “yeah, I rock,” expression.

Look at Gracie–I bet she’s thinking, “that is NOT how that’s done, Marley.”

Why not give agility a try with your dog?

One of the graduates gets a well-deserved hug from mom. 

Don’t worry about me, though. Now that the grand-dogs only live with us on a part-time basis (I call it shared custody), and I’m not spoiling and generally organizing my life around their schedules, I’m having fun writing about Leo the rescued Yorkie in the Seasons of Cherryvale. So now you know the inspiration behind my canine characters!

Here’s a link to the US Dog Agility Association to find out more. You should give it a try!

Take the leap! Gracie says “you can do it!”

Here are some helpful, entertaining and sometimes just dog-gone funny (sorry) links for you to explore the world of agile dogs:

http://blog.johannthedog.com/ – he reviews new toys, all types of food, rescue dogs, and generally the world of keeping pets healthy and happy.

http://susangarrettdogagility.com/ – What’s in it for you, the dog, and some terrific photographs.

http://agilitynerd.com/blog/ – Really intense, but some great dog handling tips, even for the non-agile.

To explore popular breeds:



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3 thoughts on “Who’s your Puppy? Or, We Got our Dog a Dog.

  1. Dona Watson

    Sounds like fun! And I love the pic of the happy grandmom sitting under her umbrella! I wish I’d tried that with our doggie. Things might of been different. I loved her to death, but boy was she an impertinent handful.

    1. Bev Post author

      Before we started, we were unsure about the whole thing ourselves, but now we’re sold on how effective agility classes can be. Maybe they should rename them. “Impertinence-removal while having fun with your dog” …may need help with this one.

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