Above the knees, please…or, Let’s Talk Composition.

Here are more photos from a workshop I attended recently. See my previous post of awesomeness where we talked about leading lines. And candy. Yeah, they relate, I swear.

D’Arcy talked a lot about composition. She said don’t be afraid, shy, or embarrassed to get up close, choose a funky angle, lie down, look up, shift around.

Here’s a few I took of a really intense little girl’s petticoat in a sewing shop. (It was hanging high, so I had to move around underneath and take some with my flash on and off.) Which one works best for you?


I think I like the last one best, but a case could be made for the others depending on your taste.

The lesson here is, I couldn’t tell at the time which one would work, so I took several using different methods.

D’Arcy also said don’t be afraid to take a ton of shots of the same subject. You never know which ones will be the winner, and with digital cameras, there’s no harm, no foul.

Now to one of my pet peeves. Yes, Bev is peeved. What’s wrong with this picture?

I call it the dreaded pinhead shot, or the long-distance-hills-valleys-and-tiny-people-miles-away shot. Like the one taken when our son, Evan took his girlfriend, Kamie skydiving to celebrate her college graduation. It’s interesting, but I can’t see them!

I started a long time ago telling politely requesting people who were snapping me, “Please, don’t photograph my knees.”

They took it that I was paranoid about my knees. Ok, maybe. But it was also a quick & easy way to explain that I really wanted less horizon, fewer extraneous body parts. More face. (I want to be able to count how many new wrinkles I have, don’t you? Oy.)

The point is, I don’t care about your shoe styles, and I’m sure you don’t really care about mine. (Gunboats are not most people’s topic of choice, after all.)

Here’s a good example of what I mean about more face. Notice the difference in “long distance”…

Too far away. The flowers are lovely, but in ten years, who will care about them?

versus up close.

Lovely! Now we can see Katie and David. And guess what? The flowers still add color. (While I cropped, I also used the quick "enhance" to brighten their faces. Easy-peasy.)

Here’s a much better one of the skydivers.

Still enough scenery to tell what’s going on, but would you really want to miss seeing that triumphant smile, and victory wave?  (Woohoo Kamie!)

It’s so much fun taking great pics, making memories (and watching your kids actually land safely). These pictures will be forever treasures.

And be forewarned, I may or may not make gagging sounds suggestions when you post knee photos. So knock it off.

Which one of these knees look like yours? JK. What’s your pet peeve?

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4 thoughts on “Above the knees, please…or, Let’s Talk Composition.

  1. Joanne Bischof

    Great tips! I tend to avoid cameras like the plague. I’m super unphotogenic (ok that’s not a word) But I just got a new camera and I keep working on getting better at composition. I like your suggestions. I’m going to have to go try them out…

    1. Bev Post author

      Here’s another tip. Always blame the photographer when you don’t like your picture. LOL. And I beg to differ, you portray prettily in pictures!!

    1. Bev Post author

      Dona, Do NOT give up! When in doubt, use a flash, indoors or out. And remember, you can always enhance and enlighten after the photo is on your computer. Techno-correction! If it’s good enough for the paparazzi, it’s good enough for us! (Feel free to erase my wrinkles…now if I could just not blink when someone takes my picture…that’s harder to fix.)


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