Sweet and savory photography tips.

Do you have a hobby, sport or activity you’d like to improve upon?

Recently, I took a photography workshop because a) I want to use more original photos in my posts, and b) I adore me some good photographs.

D’Arcy talked about composition, white balance, the gizmos, and whirly-gigs on all our cameras. After we recovered from all the tech-talk, we got walking and snapping.

One major element of D’Arcy’s focus–pun intended–was using “leading lines.”

The door hanging “invites” your eye inside.

I like this one so much, I made a variation of it the banner image on my landing page.




Peek through the wheels of this old wagon. A sidewalk busker is holding a sign that says “Jesus.”

My knees are still recovering from taking this one, which is kind of ironic if you think about it…kneeling to see Jesus…?




The panes in the window below are the “leading lines” to the bench. I also like reflections.

Another tip: D’Arcy said each photo should tell a story.

Imagine yourself sitting here eating a juicy burger watching the pedestrians passing.

(I like red a lot, that color pops.)





We went into a candy shop. (Always ask before tacking pictures inside. Some stores have copyright concerns.)

Tip: Get up close. (If you rearrange, replace anything you touch.)



Another leading line. And the story here? Erm…I’m getting hungry that candy looks so inviting.

Many thanks to D’Arcy Kallingal of West Village Photography for teaching the workshop. (Warning, Bev’s got a new passion!)

What’s on your self-improvement…or just for fun list this summer?

Your turn, now go! Challenge yourself in some creative area, and have some fun!

The workshop class photo.



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3 thoughts on “Sweet and savory photography tips.

    1. Bev Post author

      Thanks, Dona! Apparently–according to another tip we got–it takes hundreds of snaps to get one or two really good ones. I had some icky ones you won’t see posted.

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