Call me Becky…Beth…BARBARA! or, perhaps I should just join the CIA.

Go ahead, I can take it. I know I am…


Remember that scene in Beaches when Bette Midler slaps her husband during their wedding ceremony, and he says, “what gives?” and she says, “I don’t want you to ever forget this moment?” (My paraphrase.)

We joke that I should have joined the CIA (or apparently slap people) because you can’t teach the kind of forget-ability I live with.

Spy-Bev, Angelina style. Right....

Maybe you can relate.

But be heartened, as I am, because we are not alone. I believe that “forgettables” are the new “geeks.”

Until “The Middle” began airing, I was ashamed, embarrassed. Not anymore.

(More on the brilliant television show later. Have you watched it?)




I will explain more about the trendiness in a moment, but first here are some of my experiences.

I dare you to top them.

EXAMPLE ONE: I used to board my horse at a public stables. A couple of horses down from mine some rather friendly girls kept theirs, and we would see each other daily.

No matter how many times I reminded them, they would forget my name. Here’s how it went:

“Howdy, Beth!” (We were in Texas after all.)

“It’s Bev. Or Beverly. Either one. Not Beth.”

Next day: “Hiya, Becky”


Next day: “How are you Barbara?”


Finally, one day I had a bad attitude.

“How was your ride today, Belinda?”

No response. Then I overheard this:

“What’s the matter with Becky?”

“I don’t know. Probably just a snob.”


EXAMPLE TWO:  Here’s one you may or may not relate to, but still makes me laugh. Mostly.

Despite wearing a very prominent name tag with a huge, embarrassing picture from our annual, at our ten year high school reunion, my Freshman year steady boyfriend did not remember me until MIDNIGHT. (Most of the attendees never did remember me, even when I reminded them of the “carrot dress.” I TOLD you I was Sue.)

Old Whatsername (lips firmly drawn over braces)

Still not convinced?

EXAMPLE THREE:  More recently >ahem< I was in the green room working a show at our community theater. I had been there EVERY day since we moved in, more or less about two weeks, rubbing elbows with a cast of…twelve people.

For some reason, the fact that I am FORGETTABLE became the topic of convo. One of the cast members, whom I had worked with before, and pretended to remember me, said “pish-posh, how can anyone forget you, Brenda!?” (Eeesh.)

I kid you not, the next week, I spoke to him in the theater courtyard and not only did he NOT remember me, but he offered to sign an autograph.

I know what you’re thinking. Maybe he’s a little self-absorbed. Perhaps you’re right. So here is one more. This one’s even better.

FINAL EXAMPLE: For seven years, I worked in a behind-the-scenes ministry at church. (Maybe there’s a pattern…backstage, behind-the-scenes?) Anywho, monthly, I would see  a very nice gentleman in these meetings of a very small group of people. Face-to-face…mere feet away. Recently, we began visiting another church. Guess who preceded us? Yep. Did he remember me? Nope. Last time I saw him? Mere months ago. Over it. Not his fault.

It is me. If forgettability was a superhero power, I would own it.


At least knowing I am not alone, and one of the most popular characters on television is based on my experiences, helps.

When “The Middle” started airing, I immediately related to Sue Heck.

I am Sue. Sue is Bev.

Eden Sher (Sue Heck in "The Middle")

Enjoy this montage clip of…what’s her name again?

Sue Never Gives Up

By the way, the young actress, Eden Sher,  is brilliant in this part, and did NOT ask me for pictures, or my experiences.  Although come to think about it, she must have contacted my mother for research. (Thanks, mom.)

 No, I will not show you a picture of the “carrot dress.” Although if you imagine a giant embroidered carrot instead of Sue’s strawberry…you get the idea.

Maybe it’s just as well they forgot.




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2 thoughts on “Call me Becky…Beth…BARBARA! or, perhaps I should just join the CIA.

  1. Lu

    Oh Bev, I can’t tell you how much I love Sue! Just a little less than I love you and your writing! I for one consider you quite unforgettable.

    Loved the post!


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