Sisters starting over

True to the theme we celebrate here, that of starting over, I highly recommend Mother Road, by Jennifer AlLee. (Cool punctuation, right?)

In the story, part women’s lit, part romance, Natalie finds herself facing a new chapter in her life, and sets out on a road trip with a younger sibling, Lindsay, with whom she’s lost that sisterly connection.

The trip takes place along historic Route 66, wigwams, diners, quirky characters and all. I enjoyed AlLee’s voice, the challenges Natalie and her sister face, and think you will too.





Here’s what my friend, Ane Mulligan at Novel Rocket says:

“Relationships are the backbone of The Mother Road, and AlLee gives us real ones, conflicted and complicated. I alternated between cheering Natalie and wanting to smack her upside the head. Not that her younger sister is perfect. Not by a long shot. But I fell in love with these characters and wished the road trip hadn’t ended so soon. Novel Rocket and I give it a very high recommendation. It’s a must read.”

From the publisher: Within the course of a week, Natalie is dumped by her husband, receives an urgent call home from her father, and discovers her estranged sister is pregnant.

A road trip on Route 66 may not help, but it sure couldn’t hurt. Or so Natalie thinks, until Lindsay’s boyfriend starts stalking them. Will their trip down the Mother Road bring the two sisters closer together or turn out to be the biggest wrong turn yet?

Happy Reading!


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4 thoughts on “Sisters starting over

  1. Joanne Bischof

    I have this book on my kindle and it’s next on my list to read. I’m honored to be agency mates with Jennifer. She’s a wonderful lady and I couldn’t imagine her book being anything less. Can’t wait to dive into this story.


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