A Visit to the Old Country

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When I reached “The End” of  Fresh Start Summer, I thought about the promise Grace made to take Maggie pony trekking.

I’d already outlined Autumn Changes (due out Autumn 2012), and knew it wouldn’t fit, so I had a quick production meeting with myself. “Self,” I said, “this would make a perfect novella.” So the short story, Grace & Maggie Across the Pond, was born.

I enjoyed developing the characters, Emma and Fiona, and reliving our years in England while Gary was in the Air Force.

Like the Brits, we frequented our own local, The Barley Mow, where we’d tip a few with our mates after a long day of riding, or flying, or what not. I usually tipped a few ice waters, which, by the way, I personally taught the barkeep how to make. Gary gamely attempted to develop a taste for bitters.

But mostly we enjoyed the custom of noshing with our neighbors, discussing politics (they love to discuss American politics and know A LOT), and the Royals (we were there for Charles and Diana’s wedding) but learning not to disparage the queen in any way. Ahem. (But seriously, what does she carry in that handbag?)

Our local pub in Witnesham, Suffolk.

And, yep, that’s me on the horse. That’s actually a mare I rode before moving to England where I was a working student in a British riding school, Newton Hall. I was pursuing the prestigious British Horse Society levels qualifying as an instructor.

Think “The Army meets Horse Camp.” Without people shooting at you.

Correction, there were barbs, not bullets flying. But all in your best interest, designed to make you the best rider possible. Or else.

Under the headmistress’ strict tutelage, I earned my level 2 out of 4 possible levels before Gary’s orders moved us back to the States. The experience riding there was priceless.

And I might have picked up a bit of an accent. So much that my “clients,” as the day riders were called, thought I was a Brit.

I hope you’ll enjoy riding along with Grace & Maggie, who find their unique friendship inspires another fresh start across the pond in the place I once called home.

This gracious home is exactly how I imagined "Sunnyside Laurels."


Grace & Maggie Across the Pond, now in Kindle and Paperback 

Grace and Maggie, the stars of Fresh Start Summer, are back in this novella from Beverly Nault. Summer is over, and the former rivals celebrate their rekindled friendship by traveling “across the pond” to England’s countryside. But their pony-trekking plans soon go awry when they discover a friend in need. Also includes the first chapter of Autumn Changes, Book Two in the much-loved Seasons of Cherryvale series!

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  1. Bev Post author

    I guess most authors write semi-autobiographically. Good thing I’ve been blessed with some fun adventures or you might be reading about people who watch a lot of television. LOL. (Not that I do that now. Nosirree…where is that remote?)

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