Give me a break (with apologies to John Stossel)

The hubby and I recently took a much needed break (well, he needed one more than I, but a wife does what she can) to Kaua’i.

In my zeal to ensure we took full advantage of this lovely vaca, I may have started a few weeks early by singing out, “in six weeks we’ll be on the beach in Hawaii” or “just think, we will be watching the sunset from our condo in three weeks…” when he’d get home from a long day at work.

Not sure if it helped, but I adore the islands.

And I may or may not like to tease.

So I thought I’d share some of the highlights of our trip with you.

We tried paddling. (“We” in the sense that Gary tried paddle boarding.) But that’s for another post. As soon as I can write without maniacal laughter.


 “I got this…”

“I’m ok!”

>maniacal laughter<

Pull yourself together Bev.


And we relaxed.

And drove around the islands. This is in Lihue.

  We ate well.

…and “we” relaxed. 

Me: “Honey, do you want to try paddle boarding again?”

Him: “Mmft”

What did you do besides take pictures and lead everyone on the beach in laughing and pointing, Bev?

Why, thanks for asking!

I joined in a death-defying zipping experience over former sugar plantations infested with man eating crocodiles. (Not. Actually the most dangerous part is walking from one launch to the next. Watch out for that pebble!)

But you are up really high. Just sayin’.

The only downside to Kaua’i, and mind you I’m not complaining, are the chickens. (All right, I’m complaining a little.)

Oh boy, the legends, stories and myths abound about how they got to be such a fixture. But here’s the bottom line. Chickens + no natural enemies = waytoomany. (Didn’t know there would be math involved, did you?)

They are by no means endangered, trust me, but they are protected to a degree in that all “wild fowl” are, so the feral ones cannot be caught and served up in a luau or at the local KFC. Unless they roam onto your property… according to some sources. (Warning: they’re quite tough and gamey. One resident told me this, but he didn’t say how he knew.)

  Seriously, there are TOO many. Especially the incredibly loud, and extremely close-to-your-windows-left-wide-open so you can enjoy the sound of the surf as you sleep ones.

Oh, boohoo, Bev. Right?

They really are becoming a problem. They wander everywhere, get hit by cars (I think it’s becoming a reverse frogger game by islanders). I have to imagine they compete with other, ahem, more attractive, birds for food.

Nor are they sacred, as one tourist sagely advised.

Give me a break. No one’s worshiping them.

How did there get to be so many, and why protected? That’s where the legends and myths come in.

Apparently, many years ago some species of wild chicken was introduced on the island, and after the barnyard fowl were released, possibly during a hurricane, they mixed and mingled, and now it’s impossible to tell which ones carry the DNA of the more exotic birds and which are just, well, chickens.

They’ve become part of the fabric of Kaua’i.

And alas, a part of our memories, because now we’re back on the mainland, recalling them, and everything else, with fondness. Well, everything else.

Me: “Remember how two weeks ago we were watching the sunset on the beach?”

Him: “Mmft.”

It never gets old.


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10 thoughts on “Give me a break (with apologies to John Stossel)

    1. Bev Post author

      The more the merrier, Joanne, we’ll stuff you in a box next time I understand most airlines are expanding their overhead bins. But bring your earplugs if you intend to sleep in once we uncurl you.

  1. Dona Watson

    Fun post. I don’t remember there being so many chickens when I was there, but that was so many years ago that I’m embarrassed to admit I’m that old. But…back to your post. Thanks for the smiles–and sparking the fond remembrances of my own. Nonetheless, selfishly, I’m glad you’re home.

  2. Lu

    Oh Bev how fun! I’ve always liked chickens! I want some in my backyard, except for the mess, and the noise, and the trouble with Weegie, and The Chief, and also the police.
    I’m so, so glad you enjoyed the trip- keep shouting out those good memories!


  3. Rhonda

    Finally had a relaxing moment to read. I had put it off a bit because I knew I would be jealous and envious, which of course are emotions I try to avoid, But somehow I was able to get past all that and just enjoy the reading. I always thought paddle boarding might be one of those things I might be able to do. Now I would be watching over my shoulder for the paparazzi and listening for your laugh. Glad you had a great time.

    1. Bev Post author

      I would never laugh at you, honest! A slight chortle, maybe a teehee. But all in good fun, right? Thanks, we had a blast.

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