2012 toys with retro roots.

TRS 80, Model III

So I married a geek. When I married him, I knew what I was getting into, because we had one of these displayed prominently among the new china and pottery. Yeah, that’s a computer, kids. Notice the two floppy drives. Very industry forward in 1980.

I know. Not a toy. At least at the time it wasn’t.

I’ll make the connection, bear with me.

So around here, we’re uber interested in what’s coming out at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas this week. Seeing as how we’ve always been “early adopters.”

I didn’t realize I’d always been somewhat of an early adopter. Even before I married a geek.

I was looking through some of the stuff at CES and ran across the MakerBot Replicator. Now under $2000! Say what? A 3-D printer kit, y’all. What every household needs.

I had a 3-D kit way back…ahem. Several years ago. Early adopter? Oh, yeah.

"Make your own toys, boys and girls!"

Who remembers the Vac-u-Form?

I’m surprised now I didn’t seriously burn myself. Or the house down.

Because you placed a metal cast (it came with little cars, various shapes) in that square window, laid a plastic sheet across, (that green square is one) plugged it in, then when the plastic got warm and started to droop…you really had to pay attention to make sure you waited until it got soft, but not so long it melted down inside and you had to get your mom to clean the goo out and she put it away for a month. Or two.

Anywhoo, at just the right moment, you pumped a little lever to suck the warm plastic down over the little mold.

Hold on. Do they really send old toys to run free on a farm in the country? Huh.

Before it disappeared and I never saw it again… you were supposed to then glue together the pieces into toys and gifts to “amaze your family, surprise your friends!”

But I usually just melted, pumped and dumped, that was the funnest part.

Whenever I smell hot plastic to this day I remember that thing. And now I realize I was into 3D toy making. Back in the day.

I think I’ll check eBay, I’ll bet Vac-u-Forms are quite a bit cheaper than that replicator-thingy.

And I can once again amaze my family, make gifts for my friends. Put in your order now for a sportscar. Or…well, I can’t recall what the other molds made. I’ll have to surprise you.

Maybe you were one of those Creepy Crawlers “Thingmaker” owners. 

I admit I envied those. But Mom was not a fan.

Wonder why? I could have saved us a ton on gifts.

What’s your favorite retro toy?

Got your eye on anything coming out at the CES?

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One thought on “2012 toys with retro roots.

  1. Dona Watson

    I’m looking forward to seeing the $20 wall plate from RCA that plugs into a standard 2-jack power outlet, thus turning it into a one-outlet, 2 USB jack outlet for charging your devices. Very handy.


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